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These pages present works by Eric Brittan.

The acrylic paintings on canvas vary in size from small preparatory studies to large panoramic works. These early paintings were done in the Beach House studio in Hamilton ON which is on the edge of Lake Ontario close to the harbour where one can see the Great Lakes boats coming and going. The later paintings were done in various small villages on the south central pacific coast of Mexico.where the Brittan's paint during the winter. These works are done on multiple prepared panels and canvases.

The book called "Watching Victoria Road" was a collaborative work between Cora and Eric during a winter spent in the Caribbean. Cora wrote the text after Eric made the paintings. Eric designed the book and they self published it and it is in it's 3rd addition.We hope they will give viewers a reasonable idea about the subject matter and the nature and quality of his work.

The best way to view his paintings is to visit one of the art galleries that represents Eric Brittan, or make an appointment to see the work in the in-house gallery at the family home on the beach in Hamilton.